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Free Stopwatch Free Stopwatch Night Mode
Start, Stop
Click these buttons to start or stop the stopwatch. You can use the hotkeys F2 and F3.
Click this button to add lap time to the results. You can use the F4 hotkey.
Reset stopwatch value and clear all results.
Delete selected lap from the list.
Save to File
Export the current stopwatch value with the laps time to a text file.
Copy to Clipboard
Copy the current stopwatch value with the laps time to a clipboard.


Free Stopwatch Options Free Stopwatch Options Night Mode

Time format
Allows you to select how many milliseconds to display after the decimal point.
Turn on metronome (ticking every second)
The built-in metronome will let you feel the pressure of time by making a ticking sound with the passing of each second.
You can change the sound of the metronome by changing the Metronome.wav file.
Show stopwatch in floating window
A floating window is a small special window in which a stopwatch with control buttons is displayed.
Show stopwatch in floating window Show stopwatch in floating window Night Mode
Run at Windows startup
Automatically launch Free Stopwatch when the system is started.
Night Mode
Turns on a dark theme to display all windows.
Always on Top
If you set this option, the main window will be placed above all non-topmost windows and will stay above them even when deactivated.
Also, when this option is enabled, the caption of the main window is reduced, and the program icon is removed from the taskbar.
Full Screen
Free Stopwatch has a special button for full-screen mode. Click the arrow button, and the stopwatch will expand to the size of the monitor or projector. This mode is incredibly convenient during exams, tests, reports, laboratory experiments, and so on. The stopwatch will be visible from any part of the classroom or auditorium. Press the Esc button or click on the screen to exit full-screen mode.
The language of the user interface.

Command line parameters

Starts the stopwatch.
Stops the stopwatch.
Resets the stopwatch.
Launches the program in portable mode.
Closes a previously launched instance of the program.


FreeStopwatch.exe -start

FreeStopwatch.exe -start -close

FreeStopwatch.exe -stop -close

FreeStopwatch.exe -reset -close

If you need stopwatch software for a Windows-based computer, this is the software you are looking for. Free Stopwatch supports an unlimited number of laps.

License Agreement

Free Stopwatch is a free program for personal and commercial use. This program is distributed on AS IS basis, and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Comfort Software Group cannot be made responsible for any, direct or indirect, damage caused by the program.

Comfort Software Group reserves the right to change licensing terms in the future.


Download Free Stopwatch

Installation Package (2.4 MB)
Portable Version (2.3 MB)

Version: 5.1.2
Released: February 11, 2022
Supported Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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